Andre Fluellen is an 8 year NFL veteran, speaker, author, and certified mental sports coach.  He is passionate about helping athletes find their passion in life, and keeping them from falling into the trap of believing that playing their sport is the greatest thing they will do in life.  Andre has seen that making an athlete understand who they truly are DIRECTLY correlates into better and more confident play on the courts and fields of their sport!  Also, when the game inevitably ends, the athletes that Andre has helped seem to  transition much more smoothly and quickly into different phases of their life because they understand that life is BIGGER THAN THE GAME!  Athletes are some of the most dedicated, hard working, and loyal people on the planet, it's time to show the WORLD how amazing you really are...It's time to "Do It Right Now!"

About Andre

Corporate Events 

Even though Andre was an elite athlete, the same intangibles that athletes employ are the same intangibles that make businesses and corporations begin to thrive instead of simply survive.  Click below to learn more about having Andre Speak at your corporate event.

School Assembly And Sports Motivation

Andre is available to speak on topics of leadership, overcoming adversity, growth mindset, and more! His talks are engaging, humorous, and very impactful. Whether your goal is to improve motivation, increase retention, or drive the importance of character, Andre can deliver the perfect message for you. Each presentation is customized to meet your needs.  Click below to learn more about having Andre Speak at your school or with your sports team

"Exposational" Speaking 

What in the world is an "exposational" speaker?!? Andre believes in motivational speaking ONLY if it exposes the greatness that lies inside of each and every person.  Andre wants you to be exposed to the real, unlimited, authentic you; because when you real the real you, motivation will be as natural as breathing.